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Stretta di mano fra Ernesto Cazzaniga e Roberto Brischetto, con il Presidente che lascia 2 ad incoraggiare Brischetto, il vento nuovo che ha già incominciato a soffiare con una certa forza. Aste ormai sulla rampa di lancio, un argomento quanto mai discusso, anche perché nel programma della lista Brischetto era inserita la riunifi- cazione. Ci spiega la nuova forma della serale domenicale? Finalmente una Super-Selezionata?

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Dear Dr. Casali, Dear Dr. Brunati, In connection with the celebrations dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, the article published in the magazine Magiclake was particularly effective and greatly appreciated. It highlighted the importance of the event in the appropriate manner it deserves, in consideration of the momentous relevance the occasion has assumed, also as a vehicle to raise awareness of the great values contained in the Constitutional Charter, the validity of which remains as solid as ever even after 60 years. Many thanks. With my sincere best wishes. Kindest regards. The recognition received from H. The Prefect of Como, Sante Frantellizzi, are an endorsement of our work so far, as well as being an encouragement to ourselves and our editorial team to place ever greater emphasis on our national values, those of our history and those of our area which we seek to share with all of you.

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