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Surprisingly enough, the organizers of Expo are, and they are also planning to ask visitors to do the same. On Earth Day, April 22nd,Expo revealed a new offer inside its Sustainability Pavilion: the 'Terra' experience, an emotional journey that tells the enchanting story of the complex interconnection between people and nature, and ultimately reveals how when one suffers, so does the other. We hope they will emerge with a new perspective that inspires millions of people of all ages to take action in their own lives, as we all come together to welcome a better future. It begins in a wadi, a dry riverbed, where visitors get to know the Arabian Peninsula, walk in the tracks of mega elephants, follow the footsteps of a cheetah, and discover the local flora and fauna, while learning how humankind and nature can thrive in harmony. Huge installations inspired by iconic fairground attractions, for example a giant balance maze requiring multiple people to collaborate, will then explain key sustainability issues and concepts. At this point, each visitor can choose which way to go: Terra is the first thematic experience to be revealed by Dubai Expo It will be in and around the Sustainability Pavillon. Post-ExpoTerra will become a science center. Terra è la prima esperienza a tema ad essere svelata da Dubai Expo

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